Plasma Cutting Systems

FineLine® 300HD

The FineLine High Definition Plasma Cutting System was specifically designed to allow full user control from a single interface and allows the motion controller to rapidly change plasma current and gas pressures for better cut quality and longer consumable life. This 300 amp, 100% duty cycle plasma cutting system is capable of piercing up to 1.75"(45mm) thick mild steel with ease. Full control of the system through a single HMI let you control the output current, have full gas choice and pressure control, and automatic cut speeds based on material selections. This HD plasma system also supports various types of gasses - O2, N2, Air, H17, and Argon are all options to help you get the best cut quality and consumable life possible. This HD plasma power source also features easy maintenance, a remote on/off control, and feedback on the system status through the HMI. The FineLine 300HD is a reliable plasma power supply that offers high amperage plasma at a lower cost, saving you both time and money during the cutting process. Fast cutting speeds, even on thicker material, result in maximum productivity and minimal time spent waiting for jobs to complete. 


Spirit® II HD Plasma Systems

The Spirit II HD plasma systems uses a combination of gases to deliver premium cut quality. Whether you need to increase your cutting capacity up to 2” mild steel or sharpen the edge quality of your plasma cuts, there is a Spirit II HD system to meet all of your cutting needs. All Spirit II systems feature Hafnium Optimizing Technology which extends the life of the electrode. In addition, the Spirit II HD plasma system is available in 150A, 275A, and 400A options.


Tomahawk® Plasma Cutters

Tomahawk plasma cutters bring the power and flexibility you need to hand-held torch cutting applications. From fine artwork to fabricating steel parts in a production setting, Tomahawk provides clean and fast cuts. All Tomahawk systems are built on a proven inverter platform that delivers optimal cut performance and durability resulting in cuts that minimize the need for secondary finishing operations like grinding or edge preparation. Tomahawk plasma cutters allow you to choose between single or three-phase, 200 to 575-volt input power for a variety of cutting tasks and numerous available consumables allow for a wide range of hand-held applications. All Tomahawk machines are also rugged enough for both indoor and outdoor use.


FlexCut® Plasma Cutters


The FlexCut plasma cutting system delivers clean and fast cuts on a variety of different materials. With superior cuts that produce minimal dross, the need for secondary operation is minimized. Regardless of whether you use the FlexCut for mechanized cutting or for hand cutting, our patent-pending consumable designs provide up to three times longer consumable life than competitors. With several different power options, there’s a FlexCut model available to fit all your shop needs.



Consumables typically refer to the combination of the electrode, nozzle, swirl ring, retaining cap, and shield cap that make plasma cutting possible. It is important to have the correct consumables for the amperage you will be cutting with installed at all times. The different amperages are engraved on the side of each consumable. The life of consumables is based off of amperage, number of pierces, and cut duration. Other variables such as cut height, cut speed, crashing the torch, and cutting expanded metal can severely diminish consumable life. The electrode and nozzle are the consumables that will need to be replaced most often. Excessive dross accumulation on the backside of parts, and abnormally high degrees of bevel are signs that the consumables need to be replaced. The consumables can be examined to determine whether or not replacement is necessary. 


Dagger® NC Controller

The Dagger® NC brings to you the performance of a cutting edge CNC that is built on more than 40 years of experience in the motion control and cutting industries. This CNC is designed for multiple axis cutting machines and features the latest advances in CNC technology on a proven platform engineered to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your profitability. The DAGGER NC control can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including: plasma, oxyfuel and waterjets.


Phantom™ II Controller

The advanced Phantom II CNC shape cutting controller is designed for use with multiple axis cutting machines. It features an operator console that contains full plasma functionality for 2 plasma stations, up to 6 oxyfuel stations, a single marker and auxiliary functions. Adaptable to any cutting machine and virtually all plasma systems, the Phantom II system is a rugged, reliable and easy to use shape cutting controller that fits your application requirements on new machines or as an upgrade on your old cutting machine.