Pipe and Tube Cutting

Vernon Tool® MPM®

The Vernon Tool MPM Machine features multiple machine configurations to best suit your needs. The MPM is available as a 4 or 5 axis machine. You may also customize the machine bed and conveyor lengths to customize your machine to your needs. Vernon’s WinMPM software and touch screen monitor located on the machine allow you to design cuts, generate G-Code, and control pipe handling and movement all on one screen. The Vernon Tool MPM Machine decreases material handling time through the implementation of conveyors and roller beds which fully support the material while cutting. Single operator material handling makes loading and un-loading the pipe onto the machine conveyors quick and easy. Several different accessories are also available for the MPM, including a preheat torch, two-torch straight cut off, fume extraction, and more. Vernon MPM machines are configured with your choice of plasma cutters and an oxy-fuel torch is included. With over 800 installations and 50 years in the field, the Vernon Tool MPM is a proven pipe cutting solution.


Vernon Tool MASTERPIPE® Compact Profiler

The MASTERPIPE Compact Profiler is an affordable CNC pipe cutting solution with a small footprint. This machine is ideal for shops that manufacture roll cages, handrail and fencing, and many other small-to-medium sized fabrication shops that are looking to increase their profiling and cutting efficiency. With a profile of only two feet wide, and the option to add 5 foot bed extensions to handle up to 24 feet of pipe, the machine can fit well into most shops. Featuring a floating 3-jaw chuck and a maximum cut speed of 200 ipm, this machine can rapidly profile aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel pipes with ease. The powerful combination of Lincoln Electric’s ACCUMOVE® motion control technology and the user friendly interface of the Visual Machine Designer Software makes pipe profiling technology easy to use. This machine also utilizes WinMPM pipe design software, and it can be used to program pipe profiles from the pre-loaded library. This machine comes equipped with a powerful gear train with a linear guidance system to deliver smooth motion during cutting. It also uses a variable-angle torch arm that enables the machine to cut at angles from 0 to 45 °. This is an ideal feature for shops that need their pipes to be weld-prepped. The Compact Profiler also comes standard with an Arc Voltage Height Control system that reads the arc voltage throughout the cut to compensate for pipes and tubes that are out of round, saving you time by accelerating the cutting process.